April 27, 2009 – The Certified Gold Exchange always recommends that investors analyze gold and silver historical charts in order to better understand how precious metals react during certain economic scenarios. For example, if we take a close look at gold and silver historical charts from the last inflationary cycles that was between the 1970’s and 1980’s, we can see that significant increases in value occurred as investors began to flock away from anything tied directly to the United States Dollar, which was failing of the time. Nowadays, market analysts and financial institutions are expecting a similar type of movement as history has begun to repeat itself. In the last eight years, gold in particular has increased in value by more than 300%, a significant difference when compared to mainstream financial markets such as stocks that have tumbled between 30% and 60%. This being said, it has been recommended that American investors protect their hard-earned wealth with safe haven assets during both inflationary and deflationary times in the event that exponential increases in value occur yet again as seen on the gold and silver historical charts.

By around 2 PM Eastern Standard Time, we’re noticing odd market movement that is very rare during recessionary cycles, and it appears that both precious metals are headed in inverse directions, with the gold spot price currently sitting at $907.60 per ounce, decreasing $5.40 for the day while the silver spot price is currently sitting at $12.96 per ounce, increasing seven cents for the day. Keep a close eye on short-term spot prices because several projections are saying that this week may see some moderate gains for both metals.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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