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January 23, 2009 – Gold and silver forecasts are looking very good for the year mostly due to heightened investor demand for a safe haven asset during this difficult financial crisis. As precious metals continue to spike to unexpected heights, the United State Dollar increases while stocks, bonds and crude oil prices fluctuate negatively with no end in sight. It’s been predicted that this year will not be good for mainstream investments and with the economy getting worse by the day, it looks like the gold and silver forecasts that were made earlier this year could become a reality in the very near future. In the last few days we’ve seen some heavy physical investment demand for precious metals and its really based on masses of investors not seeing any hope in ordinary investments and fearing further problems, thus they invest in gold and silver as a hedge from any further losses.

Today were saying gold spike to $894.30 per ounce, up $37.90 or 4.33% for the trading day and up to $47.30 or 5.58% in the last 30 trading days. Silver on the other hand shoots up $.23 to around $11.62 per ounce and with increased demand for the metal as an investment and industrial tool, it could continue increasing at the rate that it’s going. With gold and silver forecasts saying that gold should hit $1500 and silver should hit $25 by the end of the year, it definitely makes sense to own some bars and coins while they are still available to invest in. I wish you the best of luck when investing, and have an excellent day.

Arthur McGuire

Senior Staff Writer –

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