May 7, 2009 – Gold and silver Eagles in both the bullion and certified investment-grade rare varieties are some of the most popular precious metal coins in the world due to their beautiful design and official authentication by the United States Government. Both gold and silver Eagles are increasing in value today because many wise investors are flocking away from stocks and bonds in exchange for a more historically preservative asset. The current financial crisis has caused notable increases in safe haven demand around the globe and it appears like this may continue if inflationary pressures and negative economic data progresses. The United States in particular is currently experiencing the worst recessionary cycle since the first Great Depression. An interesting remark from Emanuel Georgouras of Marex Financial Ltd mentioned that investors should “buy gold no matter what happens,” and this may hold true because the metal has historically thrived during both inflationary and deflationary cycles.

By around 2:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, gold and silver Eagles are both seeing minor gains for the day, with the gold spot price currently trading at $913.20 per ounce, up $2.20 while the silver spot price is currently trading at $13.91 per ounce, up $.18. Both metals seem to be increasing in value along with the United States Dollar that is currently seeing a rally due to significantly higher safe haven demand. This being said, it is recommended that investors keep a close eye on precious metal spot prices along with their correlation with fiat currency indexes.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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