Gold, Silver Coins at Middle Georgia Coin Show

Thousands of people visited a Middle Georgia coin show over the weekend to take part in the record demand for gold and silver coin.

Collecting may be a hobby for mostly people of a different demographic, but 15-year-old Logan Walden is only excited about the coin show where the Milledgeville teen is in the market to buy coins and sell his silver.

Walden told news reporters that the value of the dollar is slowly deflating so if you have something it’s going to be worth more than the dollar.

The annual coin show draws more than 160 dealers from around the region and brings more than 1,000 people through the doors that are looking to capitalize on one of the most popular investments of our time.

This isn’t Walden’s first time at such a show. He first bought coins a few years ago and has been waiting for the right market to resell them.

He said he still has them and he thinks if he waits a few years, the price will go up and he can get a little more for them. He advocates investing.

Organizers of the show says they’ve seen more people come into the show since the economy experienced significant disruptions in 2008, though buyers aren’t purchasing currency.

Middle Georgia Coin Club President Bill Lane said many, many people are liking the idea of investing in hard assets such as gold and silver in addition to their regular investment portfolio. It’s been very active in bullion-related material, he added.

Coin dealer Sam Halter has been selling, buying, and trading coins at the show for more than 40 years and he says he is now seeing a new trend of younger people wanting to buy the precious metals.

Halter said young people are looking at the dollar and seeing the value of the currency has decreased to much over the last ten years that people are trying to find another investment they can put their money in that will keep its buying power.

Gold and silver seems to be that investment, Halter said.

Walden, the 15-year-old intrepid investor, bought a 1970 proof set, a collection of coins from the U.S. Mint.

It’s fun and I like making money, Walden said.

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