May 11, 2009 – Gold and silver coin prices are seeing some minor losses today as the precious metal market eagerly awaits further action from the United States Dollar and global equity indexes. There appears to be some odd market fluctuation occurring at the moment with the United States Dollar, stocks, and gold and silver coin prices that are all falling for the trading session. Typically, the dollar and equities trade inversely to precious metals, yet today it seems like they are all headed in the downward direction. An interesting comment from Bloomberg Television said that spot prices have reached their bottoms and may be on their way up. Bullish comments like this one are being seen in many different articles and news releases around the nation, and this could spark significant safe haven demand in the near future if wise American investors begin shifting their funds from stocks and bonds into the more historically secure precious metals.

By around 2:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, gold and silver coin prices are experiencing some very small decreases in value that could be erased later on in the day and possibly into tomorrow. Currently, the gold spot price sits at around $913.60 per ounce, falling $2.60 for the day while the silver spot price sits at around $13.92 per ounce, falling seven cents for the day. Projections for both metals have been interestingly bullish since the beginning of the year, some saying that the yellow metal could hit $1200 per ounce while the white metal could hit $22 per ounce by the end of the year.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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