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August 14, 2009 – Gold and silver coin prices are seeing some minor declines today as a result of a slightly stronger United States Dollar, yet several market analysts are predicting that the fiat currency may run out of fuel in the short-term, which in turn could be beneficial for safe haven precious metals. It’s no surprise that wise American investors are seeking shelter from the overall weaker United States Dollar, especially after the multi-trillion dollar spending plans that have further dug us into this deep and dark hole. Fortunately, gold and silver coin prices have proven their ability to thrive during similar economic scenarios. The current gold spot price is fluctuating around $947.80 per ounce while the silver spot price is fluctuating around $14.71 per ounce.

Investors who are interested in making a diversification with precious metals should always understand how to track gold and silver coin prices in order to determine the approximate value of the most popular coinages. Determining the value of bullion coins like the American Eagles is as easy as logging onto websites like and taking a brief look at the daily spot prices. Simply add 5% to the spot price and that is approximately what your coins are worth. On the other hand, determining the value of certified rare coins like the $20 Saint Gaudens and Morgan Dollars is a little bit more complicated because additional variables need to be factored in, especially condition and rarity. Fortunately, you can visit websites like and that lists the retail gold and silver coin prices of their most popular products.

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