Gold And Silver Bullion Sales

February 22, 2010 – While bullion sales at the US Mint continue to lag behind 2009 same-month totals, worldwide demand for both gold and silver bullion have kept prices high and the forecast optimistic. “We anticipate the current dip buying mentality to continue as background concerns over sovereign debt, inflation and even deflation draw investor diversification," wrote James Moore, an analyst at

While both the First Spouse and American Buffalo gold coins saw increases through mid-February, gold and silver American Eagle bullion sales were down. A late release in January and bad weather in February are both believed to have caused some of the drop. To date, the Mint has sold 143,000 Gold Eagles and 4.8 million Silver Eagles.

Bullion sales are on the rise, with gold being noted especially as a protective investment. "Investors are buying gold as a hedge against currencies’ volatility," Carlos Sanchez, a metals analyst with CPM Group said recently. "Gold seems to be consolidating near the $1,130 an ounce area." As investors have seen the economic problems in a number of countries, the appeal of gold and silver for asset protection has been apparent.

For many investors, now is an excellent time for additional purchases. Prices have been correcting and most analysts expect a strong increase in prices as the correction subsides. This regrouping of prices can provide excellent entry points for investors who are looking to profit from the increases in gold and silver prices that are predicted to come in the near future. 

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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