May 12, 2009 – Gold and silver bullion prices commonly refer to the price that a person pays when they purchase modern-day bullion bars or coins. These gold and silver bullion prices fluctuate on a daily basis according to supply and demand for the particular metal on that particular day. There are several different factors that can affect these prices, such as the strength of the United States Dollar and confidence in mainstream financial markets like stocks. Today it appears like many investors are flocking to safe haven precious metals because there is arising speculation saying that the United States economy may continue to worsen in the next few months. Many wise investors feel that they can protect their hard-earned wealth with gold and silver that have historically thrived during similar economic environments. Investors who feel that they could achieve profit and preservation with precious metals may be wise to diversify now before spot prices begin climbing up to their projected levels that are significantly higher than current prices.

By around 2:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, gold and silver bullion prices are increasing across-the-board while several certified investment grade rare coins like the $20 Saint-Gaudens and Morgan Dollars are increasing as well. The current gold spot price sits at around $922.40 per ounce, increasing $9.10 for the trading day while the current silver spot price sits at around $14.21 per ounce, increasing $.27 for the trading day. Market analysts are expecting the United States Dollar to continue weakening versus other major currencies, so this may be a good opportunity to take advantage of safe haven metals that may appreciate in the short-term as investors flock away from fiat backed investments.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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