February 24, 2009 – Gold and silver bullion investing is becoming a popular alternative to stock and bond investing during this financial crisis. Today both the gold and silver market are experiencing a sell-off, as investors around the world are seeking to profit from the recent highs that have been achieved in the last few weeks. It’s interesting to note that although the spot price of both metals are dropping at the moment, that the long-term safe haven demand is increasing due to wise investors feeling that our stimulus and bank bailout plans have little hope for actually aiding the United States economy and instead could result in inflation. This being said, there is a high possibility that gold and silver bullion could reach their record highs by the end of the year as investors start to flock to the metals after running away from equities and other Dollar-backed investing methods. Hopefully enough investors decide to preserve themselves with precious metals before they lose any more hard-earned wealth with instable investments.

Today investors are seeing both metals lose some value, with gold falling $23 to around $968.70 per ounce and silver falling $.46 to around $13.95 per ounce. Several short-term projections made by companies like Bloomberg have said that both metals could be rebounding within the next 2 to 3 weeks especially since only negative economic data is predicted to be released. I wish you the best of luck when investing precious metals and remember to diversify well.

Arthur McGuire

Senior Staff Writer –

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