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February 5, 2009 – Gold and silver bar prices are increasing dramatically during this precious metal rally as investors flock to the safe haven metals in order to profit and preserve during this unfortunate economic time. Most of the external factors that drive the gold and silver bar prices are being really supportive for the metals and it’s really based on the inflation and rate cuts that have been pushing these investments to higher-than-expected levels. Just last week we saw some pretty impressive spikes in the prices of the metals and earlier this week people were saying that it was simply over-hyped and that prices would fall dramatically, but sure enough just like I expected, the prices are continuing to climb and this is just the beginning of impressive gains that could be seen during 2009. No wonder so many financial institutions and banks are recommending picking up precious metals before it’s too late.

Today we’re seeing gold and silver bar prices continuing in their upward motion with gold trading at around $919.70 per ounce, a $13.80 increase for the trading day and day and a $56.27 increase for the month while silver climbs up $.25 to around $12.79 per ounce. The projections for both metals have been looking bullish since the beginning of January and just now we’re seeing the people who were pessimistic about the market changing their minds and saying that this may be one of the best years for both metals. Invest well and have a great day.

Arthur McGuire

Senior Staff Writer –

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