June 2, 2009 – Choosing between gold or silver investments can be a tricky decision for many wise investors who are interested in precious metal diversifications, and it really all depends on what your investment goals and needs are. Gold has long been referred to as the most popular precious metal because investors flock to it as an alternative to currencies and mainstream financial markets such as stocks and real estate. Silver on the other hand is usually considered a speculative diversification, yet since the beginning of the year it has more than doubled the gains seen with gold. As far as short-term profit-taking potential is concerned, it appears that silver may be the clear winner because it is currently playing catch-up with gold that increased in value significantly last year. It’s very important that you deal hand-in-hand with an experienced precious metal adviser before purchasing either gold or silver in order to get insider information and advice on which precious metal may be best for your portfolio.

By around 2:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, it appears like precious metals in general are experiencing a positive trading session as spot prices are increasing across the board, and currently gold sits at $980.90 per ounce, up $6.30 for the day while silver sits at $15.95 per ounce, up $.36 for the day. Always remember that when looking into gold or silver, it is always highly recommended that you correlate the metals with other investment markets in order to realize trends that may occur between several assets.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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