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March 10, 2009 – Many investors who have been considering diversifying into precious metals are tracking the market in order to make a sound investment in either gold or silver. When deciding to invest in gold or silver it’s important to know the historical movement of the metal along with projections and other external factors that can affect the spot price. Today for example, gold has fallen $25.70 to around $895.80 per ounce while silver has fallen $.40 to around $12.54 per ounce. The current movement is occurring because of the recent rally in the stock market that has brought the Dow Jones Industrial Average up 268 points, or 4.1% which is impressive for equity investors, especially since they recently hit multiple year lows. From this point on there will be investors who sell their gold or silver in exchange for equities while others take advantage of the significantly lower spot prices as an opportunity to enter the market and maximize profit in the long run. Lately, both metals have been referred to as the ideal commodities to own at the moment, and many short-term projections are saying that they will outperform the majority of other financial markets during 2009. It’s not a bad idea to remain optimistic, especially since precious metals could skyrocket as a result of the trillions of dollars that have been injected into our economy in order to promote growth and stop the exponentially growing unemployment rates. Only time will tell what investment will reign during this financial crisis.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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