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January 10, 2010 – There is a wide variety of locations that offer gold coins for sale; collector’s shows, newspaper or magazine ads, Internet boards and other sites all offer coins that people can buy. With the uncertainty that these locations create, it is better to purchase gold coins for sale from an official gold exchange.

Buying gold bullion coins is largely a product of finding a dependable outlet. Exchanges offer quality coins from the world’s manufacturers. The coins are guaranteed to be the price, quality and quantity advertised. For example, buying 10 American Eagles at $1,100 each from would $11,000, plus the 5.5 to 7 percent commission that they charge. Buying coins from a non-exchange source may or may not result in getting coins of the same quality and you might pay more to actually get them.

The difference with collector’s coin can be even more risky. Certified coins show the buyer that the coin has been independently reviewed and a base value has been established. In the past, a “Mint” coin that was purchased five years ago may only be viewed as “Very Fine” today. That difference could mean losing hundreds of dollars when trying to sell it. Certifying coins using the Sheldon Scale means that an 1871 California Gold half dollar that is rated MS62 will sell for the somewhere around $1,000, instead of $300-$400 that a MS55 might bring.

Successfully finding gold coins for sale is best done with a gold exchange such as The company is part of the Certified Gold Exchange and is well known for providing quality coins and superior, zero-complaint customer service, making purchases safer and potentially more profitable.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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