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With the continued specter of economic problems worldwide, gold coin buyers are seen as people who have a clear vision of how they want to counteract the financial difficulties of modern times. Gold coin buyers are people who see the historical security that this precious metal has provided as a hedge against inflation and desperate economic circumstances.

Gold is an excellent defensive investment, whether purchasing bullion or collector’s coins. As the value of the dollar falls, the gold price tends to increase; if the dollar rises, the impact on gold spot prices is minimized because gold represents a tangible asset. In fact, gold prices rose nearly three hundred percent during the past decade in spite of periods of both recession and inflation.

Rare gold coin buyers typically receive another pleasant benefit. Certified rare gold coins generally appreciate faster than bullion because their worth is tied more closely to their numismatic value than to the gold they contain. For this reason, a 1933 Saint Gaudens Double American Eagle can be worth nearly $7.6 million, even though it contains slightly less than one ounce of gold. Such coins are graded by companies such as PCGS or NGS, and offer an exact representation of the quality of a coin and how it might fare on the open market.

Gold coin buyers have several different options for investing in gold. Some investors prefer the liquidity of bullion, while others appreciate the security of certified coins. Either way, gold provides a strong investment vehicle that many people use to offset the effects of the economy on their life savings.

Shannon King

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