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The strength of gold investing and gold coin pricing was on full display at the recently awarded Coin of the Year Awards. Ten coins were awarded top prizes, with the overall coin of the year and the people’s choice coins still to be named. These outstanding 2008-dated coins were selected by an international coin magazine from coins made throughout the world.

Among the ten coins selected, three were gold, including the “Best Gold Coin”, a 20 Lati gold coin from Latvia, the “Most Artistic” a 200 Polish Zlotych gold coin depicting the Warsaw ghetto uprising and the “Most Inspirational”, a Canadian C$2,500 gold coin with the theme of “Towards Confederation”.

While gold coin pricing continues to rise, the recognition of artistry in gold coins continues to underscore the increase. Both collector’s coins and gold bullion display exquisite designs, intricate patterns and famous patterns from the past.

The demand for collector’s coins and bullion is an important part of the increase in gold coin pricing for the past decade. As government-issued currencies weaken in value, gold has strengthened. In addition, gold coins and bars are seen by many as protection against economic disaster, with the metal serving as an alternative currency in the event of national collapse or severe international crisis.

Like the beautiful coins featured at the Coin of the Year Awards, gold coin pricing is a thing of beauty for many investors. Spurred by the economic difficulties of the current time, gold is a highly lucrative investment and coins are an attractive way to own this precious metal.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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