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The holidays are a time when people typically feel more generous and thanks to the price of gold, generosity twice paid big dividends in the gold coin news. The red kettles of the Salvation Army are a Christmas tradition and many valuable items have found their ways into these cast iron pots, but in two different locations in December, coins were found that underscored the value of gold and its power to help.

Gold coin news buzzed on December 17th when it was discovered that someone had placed a 1990 Canadian Gold Leaf in a kettle in Summit County, Ohio. This C$50 coin was valued at $1,095 and fetched a sum of $1,500 when later sold to a local resident who bought it as a gift for his wife.

The other coin making gold coin news happened just after Thanksgiving when an 1881 Gold Half Eagle was dropped in a kettle in Torrington, Connecticut. Although not immediately verified, the value of this coin could be as high as $25,000 or more because gold US coins prior to 1933 are considered to be extremely rare.

While perfect for demonstrating the kindness of strangers, these coins also show the amazing profit potential that can be found in gold investments. With its soaring prices, gold bullion is an increasingly valuable commodity, while gold collector’s coins such as the 1881 Half Eagle show what scarcity and quality can add to the spot price of gold.

Although the gold coin news isn’t usually filled with great acts of charity, this holiday season has broken that tradition. Thanks to the kindness of strangers and the value of gold, thousands of people will be able to enjoy warm meals to lift their spirits

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