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December 4, 2009 – An influx of gold and silver projections have surfaced within the past month, because both of these metals have climbed higher without letup on the COMEX. Gold, silver, and other physical possession commodities are valued as safe-haven assets, which are always in high demand during national economic recessions.

Not only is our economy shrinking, but our national debt is growing. Many investors have made the lateral move from dollar-backed assets and into gold and silver, because these metals have a history of moving oppositely to US currency. When the dollar loses value, commodities that are priced in gold become more expensive. Once our government starts to raise interest rates, economists expect high inflation that will result in higher gold and silver prices.

Some investors are not only worried about inflation, but they foresee the possible collapse of the dollar. If this were to happen, hard assets like gold and silver that have been valued by mankind for thousands of years would come back into play as key instruments of buying and selling. Fiat “funny money” is only a paper placeholder and an IOU, but when times are tough people revert back to relying on palpable wealth. This type of self-empowering wealth is found in gold, silver, oil, and food.

The gold market pulled back slightly today, and the current gold spot price is $1179.80. Silver retreated from above-$19 levels yesterday, and the white metal is presently valued at $18.61. Market analysts at JP Morgan have called for the gold spot price to rise 8% in 2010, and experts at Seeking Alpha believe that silver could reach $52 per ounce before the current cycle is completed. Call us or register below for our free information kit, including the 2010 Gold and Silver Projections Guide

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