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November 18, 2009 – Gold and silver price fluctuations have been like a determined mountain climber lately, steadily moving upwards despite widespread skepticism and doubt. Wall Street economists have been unable to lull investors back into mutual funds, and it remains to be seen how high gold and silver prices will climb. You can get free updates on gold and silver prices, as well as an award-winning investment tutorial, by emailing or calling us today.

Although new peaks have been reached repeatedly throughout the last month, the weakening dollar and safe-haven demand will most likely elevate precious metal prices further. Until the ill effects of our recession wane, investors are going to seek security and wealth preservation. Our traditional markets have been unable to provide those benefits in the past few years, and some investors have turned to gold and silver. Unlike dollar-backed assets, gold and silver price movement is often positive during recessionary and depressionary times.

In addition to the potential profits that investors could make with gold and silver, the fact that these metals can be stored privately is crucial. Unlike mining stocks and other precious metal derivatives, physical gold and silver can be a worthwhile back-up plan for US investors. Investors who seek a short-term precious metal investment are invited to research bullion bars and coins, like the PAMP-Suisse bullion bars and the $50 American Eagle gold bullion coin.

Investors who want to hold their precious metals as a safety hedge for many years could do better with certified gold and silver coins, which cost a great deal more but are completely private. Contact us directly for the latest information on gold and silver price trends, or to get started with your diversification into precious metals. 

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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