Gold and Silver Poised To Profit From Poor Housing Market

Traditionally, major investment of many United States citizens was their house. This dedication to “the American dream” led many to overspend on what they considered to be their biggest investment. Since the collapse of the housing market, many American are looking for a different investment vehicle for growing wealth, with gold and silver poised to become the method of choice for many people.

Still deep in the battle to overcome the economic crisis, the picture for the housing market is still bleak. The US Housing Market Intelligence Report gives this important market sector below average or failing grades in every category, and home sales were down almost 8% in December 2009. Falling on hard times like stocks and bank investments, the housing market is struggling to survive and foreclosures are at an all-time high.

Among the major investment options, real estate, stocks and even 401Ks are all dollar based; as the dollar goes, so they go. Gold and silver provide other options because both have enjoyed more of an inverse relationship with the dollar. As the dollar weakens, the price of gold and silver generally rises. Over the past forty years, gold prices have risen nearly 1,700%, while the dollar has fallen over 20% since 1973.

Many are looking for different options; bullion and certified rare coins provide a perfect way for people to benefit from purchasing the physical assets, while gold and silver IRAs allow people to invest in their retirement with these important precious metals. The unique nature of gold and silver prices offers people the opportunity to start a new most important investment with gold and silver. 

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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