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November 16, 2009 – Many investors have converted their underperforming IRAs and/or inactive 401Ks to gold and silver IRA plans. In 1997, the members of US Congress passed the Tax Payer Relief Act, and today’s investors are glad that they did. Among other things, this act called for physical gold and silver investments to be permitted within investors’ IRA holdings. Similar to cash that can be stored within an IRA, you cannot hold the gold yourself until you take mandatory withdraws of the funds. When you do retire, you can accept your payments by form of bank wire, business check, or physical gold coins and bars.

A number of items are allowed to be placed within retirement accounts, and most of these permitted items are classified as bullion. The American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Lunar coins are confiscatable types of items if our government enacts another gold bullion confiscation similar to the one that occurred in 1933. Any gold bars stored within an IRA would be confiscatable as well. Visit for more information on why US citizens were not allowed to hoard gold bullion from 1933-1971.

One item that is IRA-permitted is the American Gold Eagle proof. This is the only non-confiscatable coin that investors can store within their retirement accounts. The modern-day Proof coin is similar to pre-1933 coins in its privacy, but historic coins are not IRA-permitted items. If you have retirement accounts that could benefit from conversion to a gold and silver IRA, call our helpful specialists now to see if your retirement account is eligible for a fast, easy, and affordable rollover. 

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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