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December 17, 2009 – Our elected and appointed officials have shamelessly built an insurmountable mountain of debt over the past few years, and the recent bailout and excessive government intervention into our financial markets make a good case for those who say the spending spree will continue. The closer our federal deficit gets to the $12.1 trillion limit that is in place, the more devalued our dollar will become and gold and silver coins have historically benefited in this circumstance,

The radical fluctuations of our traditional markets have drained our portfolios since 2005, when real estate started to take a dive, and the bloodletting worsened in 2007, when US stock indexes began to tumble. Our government’s finances have fared worse than our own individual accounts, which is surprising since the average American lost 35% of their assets between 2005, and 2008.

Medicare and Social Security are on the verge of insolvency because these programs are paying out more than they are taking in. Our leaders used trillions of dollars of our money over the years to fund other parts of government, so there is nothing left in the tax offices of Virginia except file cabinet after file cabinet of IOUs that could never be repaid at the rate things are going. Investors who would like to hedge their assets from the devaluation or possible collapse of the dollar are looking into gold and silver coins more seriously these days, because both bullion and certified coins play a major role in the growth and private protection of wealth when our mainstream markets hibernate in bearish obscurity.

Those who plan on a hold of 1-14 months for profit have historically done better financially with bullion as spot prices generally tend to spike within a short time. You can buy both gold and silver coins classified as bullion, and these coins carry small premiums over the Commodities Exchange (COMEX) spot price.

If a long-term precious metal investment is your preference, certified gold and silver coins might be the wiser investment. Certified coins are a private means of wealth storage, and no complicated paperwork is required to purchase these coins. While bullion could be confiscated by our government if our currency’s troubles continue, investors who convert a portion of their assets to certified gold and silver coins could be protected from any repeat of the 1933-1971 confiscation, which made it a federal crime to hoard bullion products. To learn more about bullion confiscation, visit or browse one of the helpful tutorials below while supplies last. 

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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