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Gold and silver coin investments could prove to be wise assets to own in 2010, because forecasts for the US economy show that this year could be the start of the second dip in our current recession. Although our government’s policymakers have poured trillions into our economy in an effort to jump-start our financially lifeless nation, economists believe that the benefits of extensive bailout and stimulus measures could be outweighed by the long-term negative effects, such as massive hyperinflation and an even higher national debt.

Historically, gold and silver coin investments act as both a profit-maker during inflationary periods and a safe-haven hedge against paper-backed assets. If you believe that the United States dollar will undergo inflationary pressures over the next year or so due to the tons of new notes on the market, both in the form of bonds and printed currency, then you might want to consider adding gold and silver bullion coins to your portfolio’s current holdings. Bullion investments sell for 2-8% over the precious metal spot price, and bullion products like the Canadian Maple Leaf coins, the American Eagle coins, and Engelhard bars are highly recommended ways to carry out a short-term (1-14 month) profit seeking venture with physical gold.

Holding bullion longer than 14 consecutive months is not advisable, because certified gold and silver coin investments tend to be more profitable for lengthy holding periods. Certified gold is also preferable to bullion if you are looking for the more private type of gold, because numismatic coins have been deemed non-confiscatable assets by our government, unlike bullion. Before investing in gold, learn more about the historic gold bullion confiscation, and feel free to browse our award-winning investment tutorials below to get more information on that topic as well as the latest information on gold and silver coin investments. 

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