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December 9, 2009 – Bullion bars as well as gold and silver coin investments have reigned as the supreme precious metal purchases since 2001, because these items are a practical way to store wealth privately. Precious metals and other safe-haven assets have a track record of protecting investors from vulnerabilities with dollar-backed assets. You can learn more abut the inverse relationship between gold and the dollar here and here, or register below for the 2010 Insider’s Guide to Gold Investing

Prior to the year 2001, stock and real estate markets were flourishing as well as US currency. Gold and silver coin investments weren’t as popular because safe-haven demand was low, so stocks, bonds, and cash accounts accounted for the majority of investors’ funds. Most investors did not feel the need to diversify into precious metals in 2001, even though double-digit inflation was seen as recently as the 1980s and some economists were screaming in 2001 that a national recession was on the way.

Our economy began spiraling downward a few years ago, and the bloodletting has sucked the life from our traditional financial markets. Since 2001, some gold and silver investments have increased by as much as 475%, and economists say that we could be on the cusp of a long-term inflationary stage that could drive precious metal values even higher.

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