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December 14, 2009 – Gold and silver prices spiked this morning after the metals’ performances last week left something to be desired. Silver has rebounded above the $17 per ounce mark, and gold looks to have stabilized in the $1120-$1130 range. Precious metals prices could rise as we approach the end of December because many investors prefer to store their wealth in gold and silver instead of leaving their funds sitting in a bank account when 2010 arrives, although the latest economic indicators from White House economists show that our nation could be on the path to recovery.

This “use it or lose it” strategy applies in many areas of business come the end of December, and gold market analysts expect gold and silver investors to focus on this strategy this year. Even though our government has held interest rates at historic lows for an especially long amount of time, gold and silver prices have climbed in response to the weakening dollar index and increased demand for privately held hard assets.

Gold and silver would most likely lose value if consumer confidence in our lawmakers’ collective ability to pull our nation out of this recession grows, but slow holiday retail sales and the general air of dissatisfaction among Americans lends credence to the belief that we have quite a while to go before things permanently change for the better. If you foresee more disappointment for US stock indexes and cash accounts in 2010, then it may be wise to consider diversification into physical possession gold and silver. Contact directly or browse through the 2010 Insider’s Guide to Gold and Silver Investing below. 

Shannon King

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