Demand For Gold & Silver Up Among Bargain-Hunters, Safety-Seekers

Gold and silver prices have moved in a predominantly bearish manner recently but lower prices have failed to stop certain sectors of investors from strengthening their positions in precious metals. In fact, at least two groups of gold and silver buyers tend to increase the volume and frequency of their buying when the rest of the world says that gold and silver are in slumps.

Bargain-hunting gold and silver investors are the coupon-clipping, red tag and blue dot seeking, day after Thanksgiving shopping version of the precious metals markets. Some bargain-hunters buy gold and silver when prices fall because they firmly believe that prices will rise again. Some people simply cannot resist something that is considered to be a bargain. Whatever the case may be, bargain-hunters have done more than their share to boost gold and silver prices and to keep them from plummeting further once sell-offs begin.

Safety-seeking investors are another genre of gold and silver buyers who don’t mind lower gold and silver values. These investors care not about their wealth in terms of dollars – a currency they believe could bite the dust soon anyway. True security-seekers believe that wealth lies in being independent of any government or currency, and gold allows them to own something that has held inherent value through the rise and fall of many a kingdom and currency. If the price in dollars to buy gold or silver becomes lower, safety-seekers view it as an opportunity from which advantage must be taken.

Gold is currently priced at $1312 per ounce while one ounce of silver is selling for $21.78 on the COMEX, and while some analysts are fretting over the supposedly important $1300 and $20 levels, rest assured that bargain-hunters and safety-seekers would love nothing more than to see spot prices at those levels. For regular yet unobtrusive updates on the gold and silver markets follow us on Twitter @GoldSilverOrg and Like us on Facebook at

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