December 18, Daily Gold Silver Update

December 18, 2008 – gold and silver prices are the talk of the day as investor demand grows for the metals for the fact they have historically proven to maintain value and profit during rough economical times. Gold and silver are investments that people really need right now because investments like stocks and bonds just aren’t what they used to be. As of right now gold is trading at $849.80 per ounce, up $112.10 in the last 30 trading days and $46.90 in the last 365 days. Gold projections are very positive for the beginning of next year, and many are saying that $1000 per ounce or even breaking the record high is highly possible because of the current global economic crisis. Silver is trading at $11.08, a $.30 decrease for the day but don’t let that put you down, silver projections are bullish for 2009 and experts are saying that $15 per ounce is a very high possibility due to increased investor demand as well as increased large-scale industrial usage.

The holiday season will be very tough for a large percentage of Americans as many of them faced job losses as a result of corporations needing to shed as much weight as they possibly can before they sink like many more around them. Automaker industries in both the United States and Japan have already laid-off thousands of employees and close down several factories and showrooms in a desperate act of saving what they already have. My recommendation is to properly diversify your portfolio so that you can offset any losses that are received in paper asset investments. Have a beautiful day and happy gold and silver investing!

Arthur McGuire

Senior Staff Writer – Certified Gold Exchange

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