Daily Gold Silver Update

December 16, 2008 – Gold and Silver values have shown increases for the trading day, which definitely puts smiles on the faces of precious metal investors around the United States. The current gold spot price is $855.50, a $13.10 increase for the day. The current silver spot price is $11.32, which is a $.61 increase for the day as well. Gold and silver futures are positive as many extra projections are saying that they could rise 15 to 20% in early 2009. Only time will tell but many wise investors are flocking to the precious metals market because although it does fluctuate just like stocks, in the end it’s been proven that gold and silver can maintain and preserve wealth better than mainstream investments. Maybe this is the reason why hundreds of exchanges around the United States are completely sold out of gold and silver coins as well as bullion bars.

As far as the economy is concerned, it’s not looking too well for the future of the United States. The Central Bank is trying everything in its power to restore confidence in the United States during this economic recession that we face. By cutting interest rates to .25%, they expect to light some hope during these dark but not darkest times. With the United States Dollar on stilts, many American investors are looking into alternatives to secure billions of dollars of unsecured citizen dollars. How can the economy get better if we continue borrowing money to dig us out of the hole we got ourselves into? We may know the answer to this very soon. Have a great day and don’t forget to invest in gold and silver before it’s too late!

Arthur McGuire

Senior Staff Writer – Certified Gold Exchange

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