Current Gold And Silver Prices

September 4, 2009 – Current gold and silver prices have reached three-month highs in New York and London as a significantly weaker United States Dollar has spiked safe haven demand worldwide. Simply by looking at fluctuation with the most current gold and silver prices, it’s easy to see that many investors are rushing to seek comfort with precious metals in order to potentially protect their hard earned wealth from further problems that may occur with dollar-backed assets. This comes as no surprise, and several market analysts predicted this earlier in the year as inflation and negative economic data combined to create fear with unstable stock, bond and real estate markets. Some very interesting projections have forecasted that current gold and silver prices may be headed towards significantly higher levels, with gold potentially surpassing $1033 per ounce and silver potentially surpassing $22 per ounce. If this type of bullish market fluctuation occurs within the next few months, wouldn’t you like to have a few bars and coins that could help you profit amidst the worst financial crisis the United States has seen since the Great Depression? If so, now may be a good time to begin researching the options available to you in this diverse market

By 2 PM Eastern Standard Time, current gold and silver prices are headed significantly higher. Gold is currently trading at $992.20 per ounce, increasing $.50 for the day while silver is currently trading at $16.16 per ounce, increasing $.04 for the day. It is highly advised that investors keep a close eye on spot prices along with their negative correlations with the United States Dollar in the short-term.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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