May 13, 2009 – The recent instability with the United States Dollar and stock markets is causing many wise investors to shift their hard-earned wealth from mainstream assets into physical possession bars and coins, and fortunately the Certified Gold Exchange can assist in this simple process that could be complex to those who know little about precious metals. The overall demand for safe haven metals has increased exponentially in the past few years as many Americans began seeing the vulnerabilities with our economic system. Currently, one of the biggest fears seems to be the inflation that is growing at a frightening rate as a result of our colossal stimulus and bank bailout packages. Several market analysts believe that a “spike in inflation” is under way, and this may create serious problems for the United States Dollar down the road as the excess dollars begin losing value by the day. Fortunately, investors could protect their themselves from darker days that may lie ahead by diversifying into gold and silver directly with North America’s premier precious metal dealer, the Certified Gold Exchange.

By around 2 PM Eastern Standard Time, the Certified Gold Exchange is reporting a boost in physical possession demand as many investors are eagerly shifting away from failing stocks and bonds in exchange for more tangible and historically preservative assets. The current gold spot price sits at $926.20 per ounce, increasing $3.30 for the trading day while the current silver spot price sits at $13.99 per ounce, decreasing $.23 for the trading day. It is highly recommended that investors track the strength of the United States Dollar in the upcoming weeks as it may continue driving spot prices up or down depending on the status of the financial crisis.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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