For a long time, analysts and economists have been advising people to buy gold and silver.

December 12, 2011 – For a long time, analysts and economists have been advising people to buy gold and silver. Now we’re finding out, in this market, it has been for good reason. Not only have the precious metals been performing better than all other asset classes, the key indicators of pervasive low interest rates and negative real interest rates here in the US signal a strong future for the precious metals. However, there may be another, more fundamental reason to buy gold and silver.

Often, gold takes a precedent over silver as it can be more attractive and it is more valuable. It is now being reported by Future Money Trends that based purely on fundamentals, the likelihood of a rise in the price of precious metals, silver particularly, is very high. The reason is because the amounts of gold and silver coming to market simply do not meet the need manifesting.

“There simply isn’t enough physical silver to deal with the demand of a fiat currency crisis,” the Future Money Trends report stated. That is the truth. The second there is a fiat currency problem the prices of gold and silver will skyrocket, if you can buy them at all. It has happened several times before in the history of this nation. The summit in Brussels this past week has yielded no actionable material concerning the European debt crisis and some published reports now place the Euro in danger of becoming an international currency crisis.

It was leaked weeks ago that Germany has been making contingency plans for the failure of the Euro. This should be relatively expected by a major world power. One would hope they have a contingency plan for major events. But, that they recently concocted this plan and it was recently leaked demonstrates the prescience of the European issue and the risk it poses to the global system.

There is not enough gold and silver in production to satisfy demand. The possibility of a fiat currency crisis grows more real with each passing day and each failed attempt to resolve the European crisis. While buying gold and silver makes sense to hedge your investments and maximize your return in the future, it may also make sense to buy gold and silver now in light of these startling facts.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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