Wall Street wants us to believe that gold and silver investments are too risky for our own good.

January 04, 2011 – Wall Street wants us to believe that gold and silver investments are too risky for our own good. The truth is that the intent of the Fed’s sinister alliance with the equity market is to entice more Americans into speculative equity investments. “Wall Street Wealth Bailout,” an article in the Market Oracle by James Quinn, sheds considerable light on how that is being done.

Bernanke uses the government’s modified consumer price index (CPI), which show an absurd 0% increase last year, to justify his zero interest policies. Even a cursory examination of the prices for things the average American needs the most will show that real inflation was in double digits. But the CPI justified holding Social Security COLA at zero for the second straight year, saving the government billions at the expense of its most vulnerable citizens.

The government is aware of the undoctored numbers and consequently was fully complicit in the Fed forcing cash investment returns down to unsustainable levels and pressuring Americans to move their cash investments into the rigged equity game. Bernanke claims that "Higher stock prices will boost consumer wealth," but those whose income is not in the top 10% hold only 1.5% of stocks. Once again, wealth is boosted mostly for those already earning in the top 1%.

The Fed’s policies, which created the housing bubble in the first place, are expected to further drive housing prices down by as much as 20% this year. Not only will that increase the pressure on average Americans to make risky investments, it will also strongly dilute next year’s CPI.

It’s time to stop playing into the hands of Wall Street’s money grabbers. The steady growth of gold and silver investments belies their pitch and gives us all the means to keep pace with real inflation.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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