April 1, 2009 – Many American investors are beginning to buy gold bullion bars in an attempt to protect their hard-earned wealth from the negative fluctuation that could be imminent in most financial markets. Today the gold spot price is increasing for the second day in a row as the United States Dollar falls versus the euro and the overall long-term demand for precious metals continues to rise. Investors are eagerly awaiting results of tomorrow’s G20 meeting that will consist of several world leaders gathering to discuss ways to tackle this financial crisis. Several predictions are saying that if positive news isn’t released after this meeting, that risk aversion and safe haven for demand could continue to increase as a result of masses of Americans deciding to buy gold bullion bars in order to hedge themselves from worse things to come. It’s important that we keep a close eye on the United States Dollar as it could become devalued in the near future due to speculation that a new currency will emerge.

More and more investors are deciding to buy gold bullion bars at the moment, and thus the daily market spot price is increasing to $924.20 per ounce, spiking up $6.20 for the day and also spiking up $40.76 in the last year. On the other hand, the silver spot price is currently at $12.92, falling five cents for the trading day. Both metals are predicted to continue increasing by around Friday if the results of the G20 meeting are negative. Happy investing and don’t forget to diversify well before it’s too late.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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