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December 17, 2009 – We have had to suffer through the worst economic recession in 70 years since the end of 2006, and these dire economic circumstances have caused many investors to buy gold and silver. If you would like to diversify into one of these two precious metals for investment purposes, you should be pleased to know that there are ample options for you to consider. The most common types of gold and silver have been matched switch some of the most common investor worldviews below.

Investors who fear that our dollar could possibly collapse should give consideration to gold and silver coins that have been certified as “Uncirculated Mint State” rarities by either the Professional Coin Grading Service ( or the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation ( If you believe that our dollar will only undergo some short-term inflation, if any problems at all, then you may do better financially if you buy gold and silver bullion.

Whether your needs point to an investment in bullion or certified coins, insist that your gold broker ship your metals directly to you. By owning physical possession bars and/or coins, you empower yourself financially and escape the worries of the dollar-heavy investor. No matter what happens in our economy, you will have some physical gold to fall back on should the need arise.

Physical delivery of your metals may not be immediately available if you buy gold and silver for your IRA, because our government stipulates that the physical gold must be stored at an approved depository until you start withdrawing from any employer-provided or self-directed retirement account. If you shift a portion of your nest egg into gold, it is vital to understand that you do own physically allocated precious metals. Your investment is placed in a box that bears your name, and depository-stored by either Equity Institutional or GoldStar Trust.

IRA investors are encouraged to place bullion within their retirement account if they plan on a short-term venture in the precious metals market, and longer-term (over 14 months) investors have historically done better financially with the American Eagle Proof coin. The gold and silver versions of the Proof Eagle are non-confiscatable if our government recalls bullion again, which is a very real issue with the recent slide of the dollar and the fact that our national debt is only a small distance from the limit that it can legally reach.

The growth that has been seen in the American Eagle bullion coins has been magnified in the Proof version, and the US Mint recently halted production of these coins so the price spikes could continue as demand grows and supply wanes. You can get more information on the precious metals market before you buy gold and silver by contacting or taking advantage of the free investment tutorials offered below. 

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