Buy Gold and Silver to Pay Off Debt

Most Americans are vaguely aware that debt has reached epidemic proportions in this
country, but they do not necessarily know that it may be possible to buy gold and silver
now to pay off that debt in the future. Precious metals, specifically gold, is the best
performing asset of its class and is currently in the eleventh year of its bull run.

Projections by major banking houses, including JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, and Goldman
Sachs, all place gold higher through the end of this year and into 2013 at least. Some of
these houses have released either internal reports or client letters in which they place the
value of gold over $2,000 per troy ounce.

Based on these projections alone, the current valuation of just over $1,600 would make
gold an incredible buy in the current market. The returns you can realize on a purchase of
gold is really impressive, particularly in this market.

This is bolstered by the US central bank announcing it will keep interest rates low
through 2014, which is a veritable guarantee that gold will enjoy the market dynamics it
needs to increase in value for the next two years at least.

Debt is a serious problem in America right now. Many Americans have been relying on
credit or unemployment to get them through the past two years. With the projections in
the gold market, gold and silver may be the best ways for Americans to invest their way
out of debt.

Even though the goods necessary for daily living are and have been increasing far faster
than the rate of inflation, the gains in gold and silver over time have covered these
increases in cost. Why the government doesn’t count food, fuel, or rent in its inflation
calculations is beyond the understanding of most investors in precious metals, who see
and use that inflation on a daily basis to make informed decisions about investments.

Gold and silver have everything they need to gain in both price and value over the
coming two years and it would be prudent for the average American working investor
and the average American to realize the fundamental soundness of the market and use it
to free themselves from the problems in other markets. In this way, an objective to buy
gold and silver may be the healthiest financial choice you can make.

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