Americans Taken with Gold and Silver, Not Stocks

In a further indication of America’s love for gold and silver, a CNBC poll released today reveals Americans view gold as the “best investment.” Precious metals have been consistently competitive in the marketplace for many years now and gold is on its eleventh year of a bull market run. Gold prices have increased many times since the bull market began and Americans are now viewing the precious metal as one of the most stable investments in the American market.

The public perception of gold is currently a very stable and strong investment in a fundamentally shifty market environment. With several economic indicators placing gold in the highest growth category for investing, gold and silver are extraordinarily competitive with all other growth investments.

Over the past four years, Americans have grown distrustful of the market as several ethically questionable financial instruments have been put onto the market. The most controversial of these is the infamous derivative, which is a paper debt instrument completely disconnected from an underlying good. This is very troubling for markets because when there is no underlying good there is no inherent check on the bankers who produce, issue, and trade derivatives. In this kind of market dynamic, gold has an additional draw as a monetary instrument as a currency of exchange.

According to the CNBC poll, 37 percent of respondents said gold is the “best investments.” Only 24 percent said real estate is the best investment and a very spare 19 percent responded that stocks are the best investment.

Clearly, gold and silver have taken their rightful place among the most respected investments in the American market. While other market instruments, investments, and stores of wealth are suffering from instability in the market, all recent announcements from the Federal Reserve are squarely in favor of gold and silver, whether they regard interest rates or fiscal stimulus.

Working Americans, saving Americans, and investing Americans are awakening to the monetary and market power of gold and silver. Gold and silver are the best instruments to store and grow your wealth over the coming months and years and Americans are reflecting growing understanding of that knowledge.

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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