American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin Sales Soar in January, Multi-Year Highs Reached

During the first month of the year, sales of American Eagle Gold Coins at the U.S. Mint have surged, in addition to sales of American Eagle Silver Coins which set a new record for sales in the coin’s history.

Figures released by the U.S. Mint show sales for gold bullion coin sales totaled 150,000 ounces, up 18.1 percent from sales levels of 127,000 ounces during January of 2012. The sales levels for American Eagle Gold Coins are also up a staggering 97.4 percent from sales in December 2012 when the Mint sold 76,000 ounces to its network of authorized distributors.

As stated before, public demand for silver bullion coins also surged in the month of January as the Mint sold an all-time record of silver coins despite experiencing over ten days of unavailability for the newly dated American Eagle. The 2013-dated American Eagle Silver Coin was made available on January 7 and was temporarily suspended by January 17 during which time the Mint replenished supplies of silver and instituted an allocation or rationing program for its silver coins.

The opening days sales for the 2013 American Eagle Silver Coin set a record for the most ounces ordered in a day at 3,937,000 coins ordered. To put this number in perspective, total annual sales of the silver bullion coins prior to 2008 was only about 9.5 million coins. In 2013, the Mint sold almost half that amount in a single day.

Sales levels for the American Eagle Gold Coin at 150,000 in January represent the sixth largest sales month on record and a multi-year high in sales not surpassed since July 2010 when 152,000 ounces were sold.

Previous record months include June 2010 with 151,500 ounces, December 2009 with 231,500 ounces, April 2009 with 157,500 ounces, and December 2008 with 176,000 ounces.

By midday trade on Monday, the price of U.S. gold futures for April delivery gained $5.50, or 0.33 percent, to $1,676.10 per troy ounce. The spot price of gold gained $9.31, or 0.53 percent, to $1,676.20 per troy ounce. There is resistance for the price of gold at $1,700 per troy ounce and solid support at $1,652 per troy ounce.

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