October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009 – Many US investors have decided to liquidate their stocks during the last month, especially after an incredible rally that rivaled any two quarter periods in history. These investors fear that the recently bullish stock indexes may correct themselves in the coming weeks, and the recent rally has largely been at a standstill during the last three weeks. The Dow Jones Industrial Average(DJIA) revisited 10,000 last week for the first time in a year, but many Wall Street economists have cautioned that these "green shoots" may not last. Many stock brokers have tried to temper conversation about a pullback in US stock indexes, but their covert agenda has become as clear as day to savvy investors.

Some economists have vocalized their distaste of our current administration’s monetary policy, and one economist has even compared our economy to the Titanic, the ill-fated ship that designers deemed to be unsinkable. This sort of bravado is evident in our elected and appointed leaders, which is disappointing for so many Americans who were duped into believing that the prosperous age of the greenback would never cease. Economist and money manager Peter Schiff has repeatedly stated his case for long-economic recession, and he started to publicly predict the downfall of the United Stats economy in 2006. "I see a real financial crisis coming for the United States," Schiff said, and he later elaborated on how the real estate market and credit lending sector would be traumatized by this crisis. His predictions have moved trillions of dollars over the years, and he believes that American portfolios should contain 30% gold and silver as an insurance plan. If investors continue to shift from securities and into the gold and silver markets, spot prices for those metals could increase drastically during the next three to five years. Schiff and many other economists agree that while gold and silver could render incredible profits during the next few years, the security of a precious metal investment is its key benefit. 

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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