October 12, 2009

October 12, 2009 – Gold and silver prices rose moderately on Monday morning, allowing gold to reach up and touch a new all-time high yet again. This time, gold broke through the $1060 barrier, registering a high of $1060.30 earlier today. Silver is fast-approaching the $18 per ounce plateau, and the “poor man’s gold” is now valued at $17.82 on the Commodities Exchange(COMEX).

The widespread gravitation to precious metals comes as a shock to some close-minded economists, who do not promote or condone commodity investments. These so-called experts, who are probably the not-so-proud owners of underperforming portfolios right now, believe that prices for precious metals and natural resources fluctuate far too radically to track.

Gold investors easily counter this argument by reviewing the trends that have emerged during the last few years. Gold, sugar, cotton, and many other commodities have produced substantial yearly gains, but stocks and real estate investments have been oddly erratic. Gold and silver, unlike volatile US stock indexes, are widely known as safe-haven investments. Their global liquidity is a benefit that cannot be claimed by real estate investors, many of whom have remained tethered to unprofitable properties for months, or even years.

Investors who hold unwanted real estate or underperforming stocks are encouraged to add gold and silver to their holdings, which could serve as insurance in case the newly formed stock or real estate bubbles pop. has lots of valuable information for people who would like to own physical precious metals, and investors are encouraged to thoroughly review the information on this web site before making any sort of precious metal investment. 

Shannon King

Senior Staff Writer –

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