September 25, 2009

September 25, 2009 – The gold and silver surge eased this morning, and picked back up in Friday afternoon’s trading session. The Group of 20(G20) Summit that many believed would find some viable solutions to the US and world economy has failed to do so thus far, as a draft statement released by the 20 nations was ambiguous and vague in terms of what solutions have been offered. "We will need to work together as we manage the transition to a more balanced pattern of global growth," the leaders said. The absence of palpable plans sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average(DIJA) and Nasdaq markets for a dive this afternoon, disappointing many stock investors who hoped the DIJA could break 10,000 point barrier this week. At the same time, gold and silver advanced 0.8% during Friday afternoon trading hours, pleasing investors who purchased in a "valley" this morning.

This is the first international summit that President Barack Obama has hosted, and the G20 members commemorated the occasion by immediately granting more financial regulation power to China and other fast-growing nations. China and many of Europe’s nations have accused the United Stares of slackness in the regulatory measures, and the Federal Reserve is taking a great deal of heat for their spending practices. This all transforms into high-octane fuel for the deepening recession that has obliterated many portfolios. Gold and silver are being sought and bought for their safe-haven status, and the financial growth they provided during the Great Depression.

The movement that gold and silver are making is categorized at, and investors who are interested in learning more about the pecious metal market should visit this site for more information on precious metals investing. The current gold spot price is $993.20, and silver has pulled back to $16.08, a figure that economists are calling a "bargain" since the metal is projected to surpass $20 per ounce within the next six months. Don’t lose track of gold and silver spot prices, stay informed at

Shannon King

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