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Global Stock Markets Suffer as Greek “Egotism” Prevails

Stock marketsaround the world suffered big hits during the day as Greece’s position within the euro becomes increasingly more precarious. With all the doors of Greek banks (and the Athens Stock Exchange) now firmly shut, and capital controls imposed across … Read More

The Complete History of Gold Confiscation

Have you heard of the gold confiscation of 1933? If you haven’t you’re not alone. The complete history of gold confiscation is by far one of the most controversial issues when referring to the gold sector. It is a subject … Read More

Two Things To Watch This Week For Gold And Silver Investment

With gold and silver prices seemingly on the move investors in the metals are holding their breath to see what happens next. The global stock markets are sitting on a powder keg, and although this week is relatively calm in regards to … Read More

Get Your Gold and Silver Out of the European Banking System

This is a word of caution to everyone who is, or is even considering, sheltering gold in the European banking system. It comes from a King World News interview with champion of wealth preservation and founder and managing partner of Switzerland’s Matterhorn … Read More