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US ‘Economic Confidence Index’ drops

    Gallup’s weekly ‘Economic Confidence Index’ ended at one of the lowest levels seen in the past year after the losses suffered throughout the world’s stock market. The weekly measurement of -14 ties the lowest average seen this year, … Read More

Obamacare Enrollees Unhappy With Their Healthcare Coverage

            A Deloitte poll has shown that just 30% of Obamacare enrollees are satisfied with the service, significantly lower than any other healthcare service. The poll, carried out by Deloitte’s healthcare research arm, also showed … Read More

What Will Become of the Gold/Silver Ratio in 2015?

Precious metals have long been foundational aspects of a well-rounded investment strategy. While most people see precious metals (such as gold and silver) as the main materials for jewelry and coins, they are used widely for industrial purposes. This means … Read More

What Is To Become Of The Gold/Silver Ratio in 2015?

The gold to silver ratio, simply put, is the ounces of silver needed to purchase one ounce of gold.  As the price of all other goods and services fluctuate, the world currencies of silver and gold fluctuate as well. Importantly, … Read More

Gold IRA Investment Reviews

”I went to sleep Friday as a rich man. I woke up a poor man,” lamented John Demetriou of Cyprus, in the immediate aftermath of the failure of the national banking system last year and the subsequent confiscation of deposits … Read More

Gold & Silver Prices Rise On…Everything?

Gold and silver both made substantial jumps price-wise today, as they have been doing more for the last couple of months. Here are the specifics (figures in parentheses represent % change up or down since July 11, 2013) : Gold … Read More

Startup to Mine Gold & Silver e-Waste

Many investors are aware that a large percentage of the gold and silver used for industrial and technological purposes is never recovered, but how many of us have ever thought about why? Privahini Bradoo went one step beyond asking “why”; … Read More

Gold & Silver ATM Spotted in New York

In the latest addition to the already fierce competition that gold and silver dealers are facing, an ATM which dispenses physical gold and silver has been spotted in New York City. Individuals who would like to turn their devalued dollars … Read More

Are Derivatives Threatening Physical Gold & Silver?

The gold bullion holdings of the 14 largest gold ETF stocks fell 31% in 2013 to a paltry 1,813 tons. The gold spot price plunged 26% within the same time frame, the largest one-year decline since 1981. Bloomberg analysts have … Read More

Could Tax Evaders Ruin Gold & Silver for Everyone?

A recent Fox News story about a Romanian couple who have as much as $2.7 million in gold and silver coins hidden on their Washington state property has provoked some investors to ponder whether the federal government has any recourse … Read More