Will your company recommend gold or silver investments I should buy?

Gold Silver is a long-standing discount supplier of gold, silver and platinum products to household investors, financial institutions and even other gold dealers. We provide the public with free and unbiased materials such as Real Money Magazine, Ore-Vision Gold Newsletter (mailed to clients each quarter) and our award-winning gold and silver investing tutorial. These publications give investors a solid footing to understand the gold and silver markets. This allows each investor to make an informed decision instead of relying on a snake-oil salesman out for a nice commission.

All Gold Silver advisers are NON-commissioned employees. We prefer to talk with our clients and find out what the purpose of the investment really is, and then we can provide possible product ideas. A coin that shows potential for a safety-seeking long-term holder could be completely wrong for someone who wants to be in and out of the market within a year. Subtle differences in investors’ goals call for a variety of physically held gold and silver investments, and Gold Silver is happy to provide free consultations to first-time precious metal buyers and IRA investors. After listening to your story, asking a few general questions about the state of your portfolio and discovering your goals for the next few years we can give qualified advice that has proven to work in the past.

Anything could happen in the future and it is up to each investor to choose and control his or her precious metals investment. Request your free copy of Real Money Magazine below and give Gold Silver a call at 1-800-394-3337 to learn more about the different types of gold and silver investments.

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