Will Gold Silver buy my gold and silver back from me when I’m ready to sell?

One of the biggest critiques of privately-held gold and silver investments is that they do not pay the investor during the life span of the investment. There are no dividends or interest and one’s precious metals do not double in weight after reaching a specific price point. Some people believe that the United States of America will soon return to a barter-and-trade scenario in which gold and silver are used as money. That is unlikely to happen and until it does the only way to make money with gold and silver is to exchange those metals for cash. The answers to the often asked questions, “will Gold Silver buy my gold and silver?” and “how do I sell my gold and silver to Gold Silver?” are found below.

Will Gold Silver buy my gold and silver?

Gold Silver has never failed to bid on products that were originally purchased from our company.  We actively seek to purchase commonly traded gold and silver products such as:

  • pre-1935 US coins that have been certified by either PCGS or NGC
  • tubes of gold bullion coins
  • monster boxes of silver bullion coins
  • circulated and raw circulated silver dollars
  • American Eagle Proof coins with certificates

Gold Silver does not deal in junk silver, scrap gold, jewelry or paper-based precious metals. However, our non-commissioned representatives are always happy to point investors with those types of assets in the right direction.

How do I sell my gold and silver to Gold Silver?

If you wish to liquidate your bars and/or coins call our Purchasing Desk at 1-800-394-3337. One of our authorized buyers will give you a live quote and explain how a transaction works. We scour the internet to see what other exchanges would be willing to pay for your items and then we give you our best price. We do not charge our clients commission or any other hidden fees so the price that your broker quotes you is the amount you receive. Our Shipping Department will provide you with specific instructions on how to package and ship your metals to our depository; once we receive the package and verify its contents you will receive notification and payment will be issued immediately via bank wire or company check. As with any Gold Silver transaction you will receive a customer satisfaction survey which allows you to tell us how happy (or unhappy) you were with the transaction.

Call Gold Silver today at 1-800-394-3337 to request an obligation-free quote or click the link below to learn more about how gold and silver transactions work.

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