Which gold and silver products should I buy for profit?

Why do people buy gold? Some people buy gold out of vanity. Other people buy gold and silver to keep their wealth in something besides paper. There are even people who buy gold just for its shiny aesthetic appeal that is unmatched by any other element or man made creation.  A growing number of people around the world buy gold and silver for profit.

Making money through gold and silver investments is a relatively new concept. Precious metals have historically been used as tools to extract goods and services from merchants. Only a few decades ago did institutional investors realize that precious metals could be purchased, stored and then sold for a profit after interest rates rose and the value of paper money fell. Household investors have caught on and made gold investments the fastest growing asset class of the last decade.

Unlike rare coin investments which are popular with individuals who want to protect the wealth they have, bullion bars and coins are the investment of choice for profit-seekers. Bullion coins like the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf and South African Krugerrand cost more than bullion bars but some people prefer to pay the extra $50 or so per ounce for a coin that is widely recognized. The truth is that one-ounce bullion coins have about the same buy-back value as one-ounce bars.

Bullion bars with hallmarks like Johnson-Matthey and Credit-Suisse are accepted the world over and buying gold and silver bullion bars allows investors to see profits sooner than they would had they bought coins. The downside of gold and silver bullion? Bullion products are only worth the spot price of their respective metals, and trading in the bullion market leaves investors vulnerable to government manipulation of that market (see the Gold Bullion Confiscation of 1933).

Gold Silver has published the Insider’s Guide to Gold & Silver Investing which is available free via the link below. Individuals with specific questions about precious metal investing can call our Help Desk toll-free at 1-800-394-3337.

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