When is the best time to buy gold and silver?

Many people want to buy gold and silver but the steady rise in those metals’ values during the last decade has left some with the feeling that prices have maxed out. Should such individuals wait for gold to fall back to its 2001 value of $252 before entering the market, or should they jump on the gold train while there is still time? Is “stacking” purchases, or buying little by little, the way to go or are savvy investors going all in right now? These questions plague investors who have little or no gold because US financial markets are still fluctuating wildly and along with them are the values of American household investors’ portfolios.

There is no across-the-board “best” time to buy gold for everyone because we all have different financial circumstances and world out-looks. Individuals who truly believe that the United States is progressing economically should avoid a long-term gold investment; there is no need to buy precious metals if one has faith in paper.

Many experts agree that the current gold cycle is only about halfway completed; billionaire investor Warren Buffet stated as much with his 40-year economic super-cycle theory. Buffet’s theory states that paper-backed investments rise for approximately 20 years while commodities and hard assets lose value, and then the opposite occurs for the next 20 or so years. Gold and silver have been on the upswing since 2001, which means that right now could be the best time to buy gold and silver until at least the year 2041.

We come closer to gold’s peak, which analysts believe could be seen around 2021, with each passing day. Once our nation’s incredibly large debt has been reduced and faith in US stocks and bonds has been restored, gold and silver prices will inevitably fall. “How long will it take for the US to get out of debt?” becomes the question that investors must ask themselves, and if your answer is “too long” then now may be the best time for you to buy gold and silver.

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