Top 10 Reasons to Purchase Gold and Silver

Gold and silver are polarizing investments. Some people believe that precious metals are the only true stores of value, while others think that they have no value except that which we assign them. Pundits and talking heads can (and do) go back and forth about this topic but the bottom line is that gold and silver have vastly outperformed other investing markets over the last decade. Why do investors love gold and silver? Below we have listed the ten most common reasons that our clients purchase gold and silver.

10. Rarity Value- All of the gold that has ever been mined in the world is equal only to a 60x60x60ft cube. Silver has rarity value as well because it is a non-renewable and non-reusable element. Experts believe that the majority of the earth’s silver has already been extracted.

9. Collector Appeal- Many old gold and silver coins have numismatic value. These coins increase due to their collectible status and they have investment value because of their inherent precious metal content.

8. Mandatory Savings- Some critics decry cold because it does not pay dividends or interest; true gold bugs know that gold has nothing to do with quarterly pay-outs. It is true that no profits or losses are realized until the gold is sold but the years in between the buy and the sell are the best years of all.

7. Inflation Hedge- The “see-saw” relationship between gold and the US Dollar has been well-documented. As more dollars flood the streets investors increasingly flock to gold and silver. Our government has given us no indication that US monetary policy will become more conservative anytime soon.

6. Diversification- IRA experts and financial planners recommend that investors dedicate between 20-30 percent of their portfolios to precious metals. A proper balance of stocks, bonds, real estate and precious metals is the key to thriving in any economy.

5. Access to Goods and Services- In the unlikely event that the US Dollar collapses one could use gold and silver to barter and trade. This almost happened in 1933 but our government intervened by confiscating gold bullion and that strategy eventually saved the dollar.

4.Portability & Hideability- Gold and silver coins range in price from $30-7,000,000 each; this allows individuals to store and/or transport large amounts of international wealth privately and securely. For example $1,000,000 in one-ounce gold coins costs less than $750 per year to store in a bank, less than $1000 to be stored within a retirement account and a home safe can be purchased and installed for less than $2,500. The same amount of gold can be shipped confidentially and with insurance for around$1000 via USPS, and clients always receive free and guaranteed shipping to their door.

3. Worldwide Liquidity- Many nations manufacture gold and silver coins that can be traded for local currency worldwide. Bullion bars with serial numbers and internationally-recognized hallmarks such as Credit-Suisse are accepted around the globe.

2. Global Demand- As the United States government has reduced its stake in gold other countries have decided to increase their precious metals holdings. Household investors around the world have flocked to gold during the last decade, and now even retirement account holders can use those funds to purchase gold and silver.

1. Inherent Value- At the end of the day, gold is nothing more and nothing less than gold. What this means is up to each investor to decide. Those who feel comfortable with the reliability of US stock markets, the solvency of our Dollar and the stability of our nation’s real estate markets may not need gold. But for the rest of us, it gives real peace of mind to have a pocket-full of the world’s oldest-surviving money.

Purchasing gold and silver may not be right for everyone and investors who are still “on the fence” about buying precious metals are encouraged to request a free copy of Real Money Magazine before entering the market. This magazine, available from via the link below, is full of statistics, expert analysis and client case studies and it has helped thousands of investors to be successful with gold and silver.

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