Is There A Minimum For Purchasing Gold And Silver For First Time Buyers?

The senior advisors on our Gold Silver team can help investors open an account for as little as $3,500 for rare coins, 10 ounces of the same type of gold bullion, or 500 ounces of the same type of silver bullion. If you are interested in purchasing less than $3,500 worth of metal then one of our junior advisors will be happy to direct you to one of the local or web-based gold and silver dealers within the Gold Silver national network. We make our discounted precious metals available to over 3,000 dealers around the nation and we have multiple US depositories, so no matter which state you live in or how much you want to invest we can find the right firm for you.

We are a large-volume discount dealer so the price per ounce decreases as the volume of the investment increases. First-time investors who are comfortable with our minimum for purchasing gold and silver receive free, insured delivery to their door, as do all Gold Silver clients. Your packages are always confidentially marked and we send the invoices separately for client security. Our gold and silver experts are not paid based on commission so you can be sure that you are getting our best price. It is also free for our clients to sell their metals back to us when they need some liquidity.

Investors who would like to open a Precious Metals IRA should have enough funds in their current account to purchase 10 identical ounces of gold bullion or 500 identical ounces of silver bullion. We work with Equity Institutional and Goldstar Trust to transfer the following kinds of retirement accounts into gold and silver IRAs:

-Roth, Sepp and Traditional IRAs



-TSP accounts

Investors who are interested in purchasing gold and silver for the first time are invited to request a free copy of our company-produced Real Money Magazine via the link below, or give us a call today at 1-800-394-3337 to get started.

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