How does make money?

For this section of the FAQ we enlisted the help of Gold Silver senior representative Everett Furman.  Mr. Furman has helped thousands of clients trade precious metals over the decades and he says that although he has been sitting in the same chair for 20 years he has seen a lot of other companies come and go. He took time to explain how Gold Silver operates financially to make a profit.

Q: The company has seen a substantial increase in business during the current bull cycle. How much of this has to do with the fact that spot prices are rising?

A: We definitely get more phone calls now that gold has been on an 11-year run, but don’t forget that we were also profitable during the down cycle that ended in 2001. Lots of our new clients call us only after talking to a few of the coin marketing firms so even though lots of companies are getting phone calls it does not necessarily translate into a better bottom line.

Q: What methods does the company use to get new clients?

A: Referrals are our largest source of new business. We also send out copies of Real Money Magazine (produced by Gold Silver) to anyone who is interested in precious metals and we have an award-winning online tutorial that new investors can access for free. People tend to feel more comfortable with gold and silver investing once they do some research on the subject and find out what a protection precious metals can be. We are known as a specialist in gold and silver-backed retirement accounts so a growing percentage of our clients have IRA-related needs.

Q: As a discount dealer that buys back clients’ metals for free, how does Gold Silver make money?

A: We’re able to store huge quantities of metals in our US depositories so we can make large purchases and get massive discounts. We keep some of the discount for the company and pass the rest on to our institutional and household clients. We make enough money to keep the lights on and pay everyone, and we still give our clients more value than a company with a celebrity spokesperson.

Q: What is the commission rate for Gold Silver brokers?

A: We don’t have a single commissioned employee on the trading floor. Every one of our client representatives is a salaried employee; this allows our experts to act in harmony with clients’ wishes instead of using pressure to create bad transactions. Greed has no place in this environment.

Everett Furman or any of our seasoned precious metals experts would be happy to speak to you about buying, selling or trading gold and silver. Gold Silver provides free consultations and our brokers will recommend another company if we cannot assist you. Click the link below for access to our online tutorial and a copy of Real Money Magazine, or call Gold Silver directly at 1-800-394-3337 with other questions, comments or suggestions.

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