How can I buy gold and silver privately?

Gold and silver “bugs” are often accused of being paranoid about the our government, our economy and everything else that could possibly drain one’s personal wealth and/or freedom. Are investors who buy gold and silver for privacy really delusional or is there something to their analysis of the current geopolitical climate?

That debate could (and probably will) rage on forever but the point is moot. It is extremely easy, and legal, to buy gold and silver privately. There are four ways for individuals to buy precious metals privately.

1. Millions of Americans have already learned how to buy gold and silver privately. It is legal to buy precious metals from your friends, family, neighbors or anyone else who has their own stash. They must pay taxes on any profits they made from the sale but the buyer can remain completely anonymous. This method of buying gold and silver is popular because the investor usually knows his or her “salesman” personally.

2. Investors who do not know anyone who is willing to part with their precious metals can still buy gold privately. There are thousands of US gold and silver dealers that allow customers to walk in and examine products before making a purchase. It is important to know state and federal tax laws concerning precious metals before exchanging cash for investment-grade precious metals.

3. Americans often use large-volume discount dealers to purchase gold and silver. These discount dealers maintain storehouse vaults of gold in different parts of the country that allow investors to receive free shipping and delivery. Such firms have very strict privacy laws because in addition to household investors they sell gold and silver to other dealers who then resell it to the public at a higher price. Gold Silver is an example of one of these national discount dealers, who are not often household names due to their lack of advertising.

4. Some people decide to buy gold and silver privately from a specific company based on their commercials and/or celebrity spokespeople. These companies have a reputation for delivering real precious metals in a reasonable amount of time but at high mark-ups; broker commissions also come into play with these kinds of companies.

Above are the four most popular ways for Americans buy gold and silver privately. It is vital to understand that while buying gold and silver privately is simple, it might be a good idea to consult a tax advisor before selling those metals. For more information about buying and selling precious metals contact Gold Silver directly via the link below or by calling us at 1-800-394-3337.

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