Can I buy fractional-weight gold and silver coins?

The term “fractional-weight” in reference to gold and silver coins refers to coins that weight less than one ounce. This term can be somewhat misleading because many coins do not represent a perfect fraction in terms of weight. For example, Canadian and American gold coins are available in 1/2, 1/4, and 1/10 versions, but British Sovereign and French Rooster gold coins contain 0.2354 oz and 0.1867 oz. of pure gold, respectively. All of the above are classified as fractional-weight gold coins. One can buy fractional-weight gold coins easily through local dealers, high-end retailers and discount precious metal dealers like Gold Silver.

It is much harder to find and buy fractional-weight silver coins, but such coins do exist. Silver coins come in 5 gram, 10 gram and 20 gram weights but the premiums on fractional-weight silver coins are significantly higher than those of one ounce coins. The two most popular silver coins that weigh less than one ounce are the Peace silver dollar and the Morgan silver dollar; both of these pre-1935 US coins weigh 26.73 grams and are a combination of 90 percent silver with 10 percent copper.

Most people who buy fractional-weight gold and silver coins do so because they anticipate the return of a “barter and trade” arrangement in the United States. It is highly unlikely that our government would stand idly by and allow the Dollar to fail, but the mantra of many coin buyers is “better safe than sorry”. For more information on the gold and silver coin markets or to request a buy/sell quote call Gold Silver’s Commission-Free Trading Desk at 1-800-394-3337.

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